Houston Christian Academy
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Private School

Choosing the right school for your child is an important decision. You look at everything from what they'll be learning to the teacher-to-student ratios and everything in between. Here at Houston Christian Academy, our private schools offer you as the parent the ability to see your child's education.

With our private school, you're sure to get your child the education they deserve and we guarantee that your son or daughter will love learning with us. Don't wait to call us or visit us and learn more about how we can work with you to bring the joy of education and learning to your little one.

Hands On Learning

We understand that everyone learns things differently. Some learn by listening and others learn by doing, that’s why the teachers at Houston Christian Academy works with students to find their best form of learning. That way if your child learns and retains information better by doing, then they'll have the chance to practice in class.

We believe in hands on learning just as much as learning through listening. With us no child gets left behind because our teachers work with their best learning style to make the information stick. Don't worry whether your child is doing well in school, because we have you both covered.

Family Based School

Here at Houston Christian Academy, we understand that while your child is learning from us, you should be able to have a hand in your child's education. Parents are the first teachers for their children. We acknowledge this simple fact and our teachers strive to work with you in order to give your child the best education possible.

By caring for the whole family we ensure the best schooling possible for your young one. A parent should never be worried about not being included in their child's education and with us you won't be. Let us work together to bring the love of learning to your child today!

Elementary School

Once your child has grown to the point of leaving their early learning center, the search for the right elementary school begins. Don't let the stress and hustle of finding the perfect place for your child distract from their learning.

Here at Houston Christian Academy, our elementary school keeps your child’s love of learning thriving. With our fun learning activities every subject taught is easy to understand and follow for your little one. We make sure the subjects are age appropriate while still showing their significance to your young one. Never worry again about what your child is learning in school with us.